April 18, 2019 - April 21, 2019

e l e v a t i o n  +  e d u c a t i o n

At the Sensimilla Lifestyle Retreats you will experience in depth Cannabis Education at locations ranging from  Luxury Resorts to Remote Farms

Featuring renowned Cannabis Cuisine Chefs to teach you how to prepare meals, daily seminars on a Cannabis rich lifestyle, Green Witch Herbal Classes, Yoga, Meditation,  Journaling and Guided Discovery Programs. 


DAY 1: 

12:00 PM - 3: 00 PM                   Arrival  and Check in

3:00 PM  - 5:00 PM                     Free Time (Please see Free                                                               Time Recommendations in                                                             your Retreat Packet)

5:00 PM                                           Fireside Orientation                                                                           featuring hors d'oeuvres                                                                   and cocktails 

6:00 PM                                           Dinner 


DAY 3: 

8:oo AM                    Breakfast 

9:30 AM                    Morning Yoga 

10:30 AM                   Writing Work Shop and Astrology                                              Sessions

12: 00 PM                 Lunch Demo

1:30 PM                   Green Witch Workshop

3:00 PM                   Free Time 

5:00 PM                   CannaTails Demo

6:00 PM                    Dinner

7:30 PM                   Evening Meditation

DAY 2:

8:oo AM                    Breakfast 

9:30 AM                    Morning Yoga 

10:30 AM                  Pre-Lunch Seminar 

12:30 PM                   Lunch Demo

2:30 PM                    Writing Work Shop

4:00 PM                    Pre-Dinner CBD Seminar 

5:30 PM                    Dinner

7:00 PM                   Evening Meditation 

Day 4: 

8:00 AM                    Light Breakfast 

8:30 AM                     Morning Yoga 

10: 00 AM                 Breakfast Demo

12:00 PM                   Retreat Recap, Gift Bags and                                                         Departure

** Schedule subject to change

During Free Time our Educators will be offering Guided Discovery Adventures, Tarot and Astrology Readings, Energy Work, Book Discussions and more.  We invite all of our guests to attend any of these or rest and recharge during this time. 

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