A Cannabis Based Lifestyle Brand


Sensimilla Lifestyle was born out of the desire to educate people on a lifestyle rooted in Cannabis.  We believe that through nature, movement and a healthy diet everyone has the power to heal themselves.  Our immersive experiences teach people how to incorporate CBD into their everyday life in a mindful way.  



Get outside! Join us on our many outdoor adventures guided through nature by one of our highly trained guides. 


Elevate and Educate with a fully immersive retreat experience. 


Learn everything about living a CBD Infused Life with Cooking Classes, Nutritional Consultation, Lecture Series, and Green Witch Herb Workshops.

Special Events

Let us cater your next event. Enjoy meals prepared renowned by Cannabis Cuisine Chefs while being hosted by our educators. 


Female Owned and Operated

Kaylee Rumley is an adventurous, nature loving, body moving, health minded educator committed to sharing knowledge about Cannabis and how to incorporate CBD into your life using nutrition, health and wellness. Combining the knowledge from her Nutrition and Dietetics Practice, UVM’s Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine as well as many years of hands on botanical experience she has built Sensimilla Lifestyle to share and educate people on the benefits of this magical plant. After more than a decade of leading Experience Based Learning and Guided Discovery programs, she believes  that movement is an integral component of a well rounded life. The work she has done with Hathavidya has given her the foundation in her  yoga and meditation practice. Sensimilla Lifestyle combines all of her passions to help you learn to live a healthy, mindful life.



— Ralph Waldo Emmerson


Photo Credit: @iamlaurenstorer